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My name is Colton Etherton.

I'm The Tattoo Artist Advisor. I'm also a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and the owner of Out of the Office Planning.

I've worked in finance for nearly a decade. 

After growing tired of traditional firms where I seemed to only be helping people that were already wealthy, I decided to launch my own firm and work with people that I wanted to work with - tattoo artists like yourself.

Working Together


Would you like to know what it’s like to not stress about money?

Have you ever been scared to open your banking app because you knew you wouldn’t like what you saw?

You knew you were cutting it close.

You were praying for that next appointment to show up…and hopefully leave a big tip.


Now imagine being able to open that app and see…

  • A healthy checking account with enough to make it through not just this week, but through the entire month without issue
  • A savings account that’s full and ready to cover any emergency expense
  • An account with enough set aside to cover taxes
  • Investment accounts that are growing and on their way to providing you financial freedom


How would that feel?


That’s the feeling you'll get after we spend the day together.

You’ll have confidence in your money decisions.

You’ll know exactly what’s coming in and where it needs to go.

You’ll have clarity on what’s important to you and what you need to do to make it happen.

And you’ll be on the path to Financial Freedom!


This is your opportunity to go from financially frustrated to Financially-Fucking-Awesome in less time than it takes to finish that next lion and pocket watch tattoo.



What is it?


Ink to Assets in a Day is a 5-hour VIP day for us to get your personal and business finances organized and on track for the life of financial freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.


  • 5-hour VIP day
  • Full review of your personal financial situation 
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • One Page Financial Plan covering your most important numbers & action plan
  • 6-month personalized cash flow
  • Access to Elements® Financial Monitoring – the easy way to track your financial health
  • 30 days of personalized support


How it Works


1 week before – We complete an in-depth review of your personal and business finances to understand where you’re at now.


48 hours before - You will complete two exercises which will help us learn more about you. The goals you want to achieve, the role you want money to play in your life, and more.


The day of...

Session #1 – We’ll spend 90 minutes together to discuss your goals and personal vision for the next few years. We will also review your total financial picture to help us determine what you need to do to reach your goals.

Break – You take a break while I review the numbers and create your personalized plan that will help you live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Session #2 – We’ll reconvene for another 90 minute session to review your personalized plan and talk about the steps needed to achieve your goals. This will also be a time to answer any questions you may have.

30 Days After – You can reach out at any time during the 30 days after your VIP day to ask questions as you implement your plan.


The Results


Clarity on your current financial situation and what’s important to you.

Confidence in your money decisions.

An easy to follow plan for reaching your personal financial goals and starting your journey to financial freedom. No more wondering where you should save, how to pay your debt, or what to invest in. All you need to do is implement the plan and watch that wealth build.


Your Investment:


Paid-in-full or 2 payments of $1100

Let's Turn Your Ink to Assets!

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