Memento Mori

Jan 01, 2023

It's a new year.

That typically means we're starting the year strong with lots of excitement...

Claiming this is our year and we're going to achieve "x"...

At least for the first two weeks until the excitement of the new year dies down.

Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement that everyone has when a new year begins.

I want all of you to set big goals and achieve them this year!

But more often than not, it doesn't happen because we (myself included) tend to fall back into our regular routines.

We lose the excitement and the motivation that we have today.

But I want to remind you of something that I think will keep your energy high for the year and push you to achieve everything you set out to.

I want to remind you of something we often forget.

It's a simple 4 word phrase..

You're going to die

We all are.

It's not a fun thought but it's a fact. And it's something we have to acknowledge.

I'm not saying this to be depressing.

I'm saying this to remind you that there's no escaping it for any of us. It's inevitable.

I'm saying it because I want to provide a way to keep your energy and focus strong for the entire year.

The Stoics talked about death often. One of the ideas they mention is meditating on your death...

Memento Mori - a Latin phrase for "remember you will die".

This idea has had a big impact on me from the moment I first read about it, such an impact that I got a tattoo on my forearm to represent it.

A rose, hourglass, and skull to represent life, time and death.


(artist - Max Ireland - @max.ireland on Instagram)


At this point you may be wondering what your new years resolution has to with remembering you're going to die.

Let me explain...

The Stoics look at the idea of meditating on your death differently. 

They believe we should come to terms with the idea that nothing is permanent. We must use this meditation to not only embrace what we have now but also to drive us towards living every day to the fullest.

Embrace the time with our spouse, our kids, and our friends and family.

Be grateful for the little moments.

Live every day to the fullest.

Knowing that you gave it maximum effort.

That's why I got that tattoo on my forearm.

I wanted it to be something I'd see every day, a constant reminder.

A constant reminder that I will die.

A constant reminder that I need to be grateful for the present.

A constant reminder to continue taking action.

A reminder to cut out the bullshit and excuses of everyday life.

To stop procrastinating living and to start doing.

So when we're a few weeks into the year and you're thinking of dropping the new years resolution...

Think of Memento Mori and use it to embrace the little moments, to keep going, to keep taking action on those things that light your fire - those big new years resolutions that you set for yourself.

No more "I'll do that next week."

No more "I can't do that yet. I'm not ready"

No more "what the fuck was I thinking setting this resolution?"

Cut that shit out.

Marcus Aurelius was quoted saying "You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think."

Remember that when you want to put off that thing you said you were going to do.

Remember that when you're spending time with those important to you.


Use it to keep pushing towards those new years resolutions that you set with such excitement today!


Cheers to a new year - I hope this idea helps you like it has helped me.

I hope it helps push you when you want to quit. And I hope it helps you embrace the seemingly little moments of life. 





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