Financial Advice, How You Want It

Financial advice isn't one size fits all. It should be tailored to how you want to receive it. That's why we've created three different options.

Hourly Advice

Pay for an hour or two and get your money questions answered.

Common Questions

Am I saving enough?

Where should I invest?

How should I pay my debt?

How much can I set up disability insurance?


Book an hour

One Time Plan

If you're looking for a plan to cover all areas of your finances and want to implement it yourself, this is for you.

We will start from the beginning by figuring out where you're currently at, help you organize your goals, and create a plan to help you achieve them.

 3 meetings



Let's get started

Ongoing Planning

If you're looking for a partner to help your create a plan, implement it, and provide guidance as your life changes, this is for you.

 3 meetings to get started + quarterly reviews

Unlimited support between meetings

Investment management included

Artist - $3600 annual fee*

Shop Owner - $4800 annual fee*

*paid in monthly payments

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Elements to monitor your financial health